Surplus Laptop Program

Bridging the Digital Divide

2017-18 Surplus Laptop Program

2017-18 Surplus Laptop Application (English)

2017-18 Surplus Laptop Application (Spanish)

Applications due: Monday, December 4, 2017 by 4 pm

Please see the application for complete details and eligibility requirements. Incomplete applications and those without the required income documentation will be disqualified.

Computers will be awarded by lottery if there are more applicants than available computers. Selected families will be notified and invited to attend a special distribution and training event in January 2018.

Questions? Contact us.

About the Surplus Laptop Program

The digital era makes it increasingly essential for students and families to have access to digital media.  Low income students without digital media at home scramble to find alternative resources to complete assignments timely. Families are unable to stay abreast of student’s academic assignments, progress and status.  By bridging the digital divide, it will increase students’ academic success.

Laptops are awarded through an application process and are available to families who meet and provide proof that they meet the income requirements listed in the application. In the event that we have more applicants than computers, there will be a lottery to determine which families will receive a computer. Please note that a family, regardless of how many children they have, can receive only one computer.


The Foundation’s current programs:

  • Teachers grants to support academic enrichment
  • Bridging the digital divide
  • Stipends for PSAT/PLAN test fees
  • Stipends for college in the high school tuition
  • Scholarships for post-secondary

Career and College Readiness:

The ESD intends to develop college level academic skills for all students. Helping students identify career or college pathways will better prepare them to become responsible world citizens.  The Foundation will broaden post-secondary opportunities by providing: stipends for PSAT/PLAN test fees; scholarships for college in the high school tuition; and scholarships for post-secondary vocational and 2-4 year college education.

PSAT/PLAN exams: will be offered to 3,000 sophomore and junior students, and will be conducted at all five comprehensive high schools.

College in the High School Tuition:  provide scholarships or college in the high school tuition for students in financial need.

Post-Secondary Academic Scholarships: Annually award scholarships to graduating ESD seniors to pursue post-secondary vocational and college academic opportunities. Please see our scholarship page for the current application and description of scholarships

The Foundation will bridge the gap by providing career and college readiness opportunities for ALL students at all five comprehensive high schools, and prepare students to transition from high school to career or college readiness so that students will earn sustainable living wage jobs.

Academic Enrichment:

For the past 28 years the Foundation has issued nearly $1 million in enriching classroom grants. We encourage teachers to submit grant proposals that are innovative and demonstrate unique programs that support student learning and enhance learning environments.

Students with greatest academic need continuously lag behind their peers and almost never catch up, widening the achievement gap exponentially by high school years. These students are unprepared to participate in higher level coursework and advanced placement classes which limit their college and career options. Academic enrichment bridges the opportunity gap and helps every student be successful life-long learners.

Summer Math and Reading Support: Summer math and reading support help already lagging students to stay abreast of and master key math concepts, and continue to develop fluid reading styles in preparation for the next academic year.

Classroom Enrichment Grants: Small, innovative classroom grants that support teacher instruction and enhance classroom learning environments.

Afterschool Study Programs:  Allows struggling students to receive homework and one-on-one academic support.  The goal is to help these learners become more fluent readers, more proficient in math, and most importantly, to stay on track toward graduation.

The Foundation for Edmonds Public Schools, your proud partner in enhancing education, is partnering with Comcast, the nation’s largest internet provider, in making available to our students and their families, Comcast’s Internet Essentials program.

Internet Essentials makes available to families, who qualify, affordable internet and computer services. The attached brochure features service and qualifying details.  Find out more about the Comcast Internet Essentials Program.