The Foundation:

The Edmonds School District (ESD) has an excellent reputation for high quality educational opportunities for its students, and consistently surpasses state and national SAT test scores, which is an objective measure of quality education.  The ESD is known for academic excellence, high achievement with 74% of students graduating on time.  Even with this success, many students are left behind. The Foundation wants to continue to achieve high level of academic achievement for ALL students.

The problems we want to solve are:

  • Help a growing immigrant population to bridge communication, cultural and financial issues that impede academic growth
  • Create a bridge for struggling students to have supports to achieve personal, academic and creative success
  • Create a k-12 pathway for post-graduation career or college readiness

The Foundation will create a pathway to bridge support to fill the gap for ALL students who are not achieving at their highest levels.   We want to support the ESD and help students be the best that they can be.  The Foundation will do this with resources that bridge opportunities so students can achieve their personal, academic and creative potential.

Our History:

The Foundation for Edmonds School District (formally, Edmonds Public Schools & Alumni Foundation ) was founded in 1984 by then Superintendent, Hal Reasby. At that time, the District had just experienced a double bond failure.  Hal recognized the District would face a significant financial gap that would impact our teachers and students and formed the FESD to fill that need.   An office was set up in an old building on 196th Street in Lynnwood, and Maureen Pierre became the Foundation’s first Director. The FESD was the first schools foundation in our area – many other have since patterned their foundation after ours.

In 2009 the Edmonds Public Education Foundation changed our name to The Edmonds Public Schools Foundation to align with other state school Foundations. The Foundation for Edmonds Public Schools board is comprised of stakeholders from local businesses, individuals and families who volunteer to raise money to enrich the learning opportunities for all of the students in the Edmonds School District.

In January of 2014, the Edmonds Public Schools Foundation merged with the Edmonds School District Alumni Association and became the Edmonds Public Schools & Alumni Foundation (The Foundation). The Foundation will continue to offer post-secondary scholarships to graduating students in the ESD.

In August of 2014, the Edmonds Public Schools & Alumni Foundation changed their name to the Foundation for Edmonds Public Schools.

For over twenty-five years the Foundation for Edmonds Public Schools has supported students, teachers and schools by putting the money we raise where it enhances student learning the most – directly into our schools and classrooms.

About Hal Reasby:

The Edmonds Public Schools Foundation, on behalf of the Edmonds School District, was started in 1984 by then superintendent, Hal Reasby, the District’s first African American schools leader.

From 1980-1988, Hal Reasby was known for his innovative, hands-on leadership as Superintendent of the Edmonds School District and was credited for improving test scores and community confidence in the district. “While working as superintendent in the Edmonds School District Hal started “Random 15″ where he randomly went down the list of teachers and would select the 15th teacher on the list, take them to lunch so that he could personally hear their stories and concerns in the district,” says Marilyn Grey who worked very closely with Hal in the district. “He was forward thinking and really believed in women’s rights in the work force, he was a wonderful person and well liked by everyone.” He retired from the Edmonds School District in 1987 shortly after they experienced the 30-day teachers strike, which broke his heart.

Hal Reasby began his educational career in 1958 at Ingraham High School, where he taught and coached track. In 1973, he was named deputy superintendent for the Seattle School District, shaping the district’s desegregation plan. After leaving the Edmonds School District he took the superintendent’s job in the Monroe School District, decentralizing the administration and giving individual schools more power, before retiring for good, in 1993, after 34 years in education. Mr. Reasby spent more than three decades in education and continued tutoring after he retired.

“He worked with people very personally”, said his wife, Ruby Lavet Reasby. “He felt every child deserved the best education they could get and he was always willing to go further.”
That legacy continues to this day as the Foundation for Edmonds Public Schools fills gaps by providing resources to energize, enrich and enhance every school, every classroom and every student.

About Sam Ewing:

Sam Ewing was a strong supporter of public education. His family continues to support the Foundation for Edmonds Public Schools; the Ewing Family Fund was established in Sam’s honor.